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Catch Up... pt 1

I officially made it one week in to this endeavor before I broke my "I'm going to try and post every week" rule. Which is one week longer than I anticipated to be honest. I'll do better. Anyway, let's play catch up.

I'm currently three weeks in to my contract at the hospital down here and it's going... well... better than it could be I suppose.

The hospital is severely understaffed throughout, which means we hold/board a significant number of patients for extremely long times in the Emergency Department. Which means true emergency services can suffer. It's a problem I've encountered plenty of times in Wisconsin but is definitely more prevalent at this assignment. Along with the patient capacity issues, there is the learning curve I'm working through with the different charting system as well as different policies, procedures and phrases than I'm familiar with. On top of those obstacles there's the Creole and Spanish language barriers I'm working through (I'd say on average 40% of my patients are not fluent in English). It's getting better though and they've already discussed extending my contract. I do enjoy the area and the staff are easy to get along with.

So... instead of a May 1st end date, I'd stay until June 5th if formally offered. I fear my Wisconsin blood won't tolerate the heat/humidity even scratching the surface of a Florida Summer.

In our free time, Jamo and I have enjoyed plenty of Netflix and naps...

We've also been on a handful of adventures! I had the brilliant idea of taking him to the beach for the first time at dusk... 🤦‍♀️ which ended up being night time by the time we got there. To be fair, I was trying to go at a time that wouldn't be busy and I thought the sunlight was going to last longer. Anyway, the gale-forced wind and pitch black experience was not ideal for our first beach experience but did make for some interesting photos...

... and now I'm procrastinating taking him for real because I feel like I owe him this time to get it right and the experience needs to be spectacular to make up for the first, ridiculous one.

After the beach we went for dinner at a very nice, chill restaurant where I finally got my oyster fix (they were not nearly as good as Gary's oysters at Anna Maria Oyster Bar on the Gulf side, but they'll tie me over for the time being) and we added to our blooper reel by asking a "boomer" to take our photo...

Since Jamo has been the bestest boy and put up with all my shenanigans, I took him for frozen yogurt after that. Big day!

[editor's note: since I've procrastinated this entry, I'll break it in to two posts due to the amount of content I'm otherwise attempting to force in to this post]

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