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Catch Up... pt 2

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

My cousin Karly lives 20 minutes from us so that has been a huge bonus! I've been able to meet up with her a couple times already with more plans in the works.

Our Nana passed away about a year ago and she had always been the glue holding family members across the country together. I'm sure I'm not only speaking for myself when I say that the thought had crossed my mind more than once about what losing our "glue" would mean for our family actually staying in touch. We've all vowed to try harder to stay in touch but... life gets in the way, plans change. Karly and I talked about how ironic it is that of all the places in the country we could have ended up, I landed 1,100 miles closer to my cousin than we've ever been. We can't help but feel this little nudge from our Nana and embrace it. I'm definitely most excited to grow this friendship while I'm away from home.

Jamo and I enjoyed a day in sun at the Home Depot putting away shopping carts...

Jamo also spent a weekend with Bucky and Scooter (at my Dad and Jill's) while I flew home for some appointments and nephew snuggles.

Up Next: Universal Studios, snorkeling, and Northern Florida.

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