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Colorado So Far.

We're about a month and a half in to our Colorado adventure and loving it so far! The first few weeks were an absolute whirlwind, and the time has flown by, but we've managed to sneak in plenty of exploring with so much more planned.

We've been on a handful of beautiful hikes, I dragged Dave to his first REAL rodeo, went horseback riding through the Garden of the Gods, Dave saw a bear, and we've been fortunate enough to visit with my uncle and his wife Laura for dinner (they live in the Springs).

Moving in to the apartment could not have been more chaotic, but... it was extremely fast and efficient and we didn't kill each other in the process. We got to the Springs early on a Thursday morning (2am early). Checked in to our hotel. Took a day to rest. Friday we went to see the apartment but were not expecting to move in for 5 more days. When we got to the apartment complex, they asked if we wanted to move in that day and we jumped at the opportunity to shorten our hotel stay, without regard to the fact that we had ZERO plans in place to furnish it yet. We moved some things that night and while Dave slept, I couldn't... so I got to work on Facebook marketplace. That next day, we were able to locate and pick up our entire apartment (couch, bed, bed frame, tv stand, dresser, nightstands, kitchen table, etc.) for a grand total of $850.00! We were officially out of the hotel Saturdy evening and moved in to our apartment.

-insert patting myself on the back here-

Our hikes have been breathtaking, but we are still trying to navigate the trail systems out here. AllTrails has been very helpful but we've not once yet taken the route we had initially planned for our hikes. However, we have not been disappointed. The photos never do it justice, but here are some that are doing their best...

My new job has been good so far, Covid cases are starting to increase daily but we have been fortunate enough that Colorado hasn't become "a hot spot" quite yet. The charting system they use at St. Francis is Epic (which I am most familiar and comfortable with) and for those of you not using healthcare charting systems, this is a Godsend. My co-workers are friendly and helpful, the patients are typically pleasant, and the hospital is newly renovated and beautiful. This is the first ER that I've worked in with windows, and the views of the mountains at sunset and sunrise are wonderful.

The most entertaining thing about traveling the country working in healthcare is that each place has certain trademark nicknames for common medical terms. In Florida, every stroke was called a "Brain Attack", they had never heard of the acronym "PNB", and saline IV bags were kept in the locked Pyxis (this was weird to me because they're used so frequently that they should really just be stocked in the rooms). Here in Colorado, they chart using the phrase, "BIBA" = brought in by ambulance, they use a PIVO IV system (essentially a rubber stand that the IV hub sits on to increase the angle of the port so you can then insert a smaller catheter to advance past a valve to collect blood samples), and you can't use the tube station at all for sending Covid swabs to lab. It's all a learning curve and as challenging as it is to learn new systems, I try to remind myself that it's only making me a much more well-rounded nurse.

We're planning to do at least one long hike each week, and in two weeks have plans to finally make it Westward in to some mountain towns as well as whitewater rafting! However, traveling and beginning our life together in the last 6 months happens to be very stressful (shocking, I know) so we are also making sure to spend time at home relaxing by the pool, grilling out, and I'm even getting pretty good at murdering zombies on COD.

With the hustle and bustle of this lifestyle, I've found it hard to be present in the moment. So, I'm working on that. I often think back to when I was younger... I had all the pipe dreams of living in different places around the country, traveling with my dog and the person I love. I wish I could go back ten years and tell myself, "you'll get there, be patient". It would have saved me a lot of tears along the way. But everything happens for a reason and I'm grateful for the bumpy roads that have brought me here today. When I actually sit down and reflect on how blessed I am, it's truly overwhelming.

Thanks for taking the time to follow along!

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