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Our First Week In Deerfield Beach

Well, Jamo and I packed up a day early and hit the road last Monday. We got to our final destination of Deerfield Beach, Jamo got to check out a dog park, we drove by the beach and then checked in to our hotel for the month! That’s right, a hotel. For a month.

Let me explain…

I’m traveling with my dog to an area I’ve never laid eyes on. I didn’t want to book an Air Bnb or rent an apartment sight unseen, hate the area and then be stuck there or pay even more to get out of it and then try to find something last minute. So, anyway, we plan to look for more practical housing soon but for now this will do just fine.

After unpacking three months of my life and my dog in to a 15′ X 18′ room, I went and drove around a little more. I noticed that most of my time traveling anywhere was being stuck at a stoplight. My GPS was like, oh you have to go 2.5 miles? That’ll be 47 minutes. I know traffic is busier down here this time of year especially, but damn. After I got back I took a nap and woke up to food poisoning! Spent that night and most of the next day over the toilet or in bed. In other news, I’m discovering how to make food in a hotel room with only a microwave and an iron as heat sources so that’s been interesting to say the least. I’m pretty good at a quesadilla on the iron if anyone’s interested. I figure if I made it nine months in college, I can surely make it one month as a “grown up”.

Brittany came down from Jacksonville to help Jamo and I explore for a night. We went to the beach, out for tacos, explored Delray Beach and met up with my cousin for a drink as well. All of that and we were still home and in bed by 9:30pm like the responsible 30-somethings we are. It was so nice to see a familiar face and Jamo was happy to see any other face than mine. Sidenote: Delray Beach is a super freaking cute town. Today, Jamo and I found a spot to grab lunch and he flirted his way in to the hearts of a few girls working there…

As far as work goes, I had a day of computer education and testing on Friday and then a few hours today getting my badge/access, etc. Tomorrow is my first night actually working so that will be interesting I’m sure.

Well, our first week went off without many hitches. Shocking, I know. This won’t last long.

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