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Summer Recap ☀️

First of all, I hope y'all are sitting down because we're covering from May to the end of July in this one...and it's a lot.

Dave moves to Florida... After our vacation across the state in April and spending an entire week together, our relationship truly found it's footing. We spent a lot of time working on us, it was lovely and made it so hard to say goodbye. Dave got an opportunity to take a step back from his non-stop lifestyle and evaluate it. He listed his house, packed up Rowdy and headed south, taking the leap - which has since paid off tenfold and continues to grant us so many amazing opportunities that I had only dreamt of.

Two large dogs and two adult humans in a studio apartment... While I was staying in Florida, I had only booked accommodations one month at a time (for four months) in case I hated the area or something else went wrong. When I booked this studio, Dave had not yet made the decision to join Jamo and I. Thankfully we only had a week in the studio apartment, which went shockingly smooth, and May 31st we moved across the street from the ocean! I could cook dinner and glance up to watch the waves rolling in. We were spoiled... and loving it.

My 32nd birthdayhappened... Two of my best friends were able to fly down from Wisconsin and New Orleans for my birthday weekend and my cousin was able to spend most of the weekend with us as well! It was honestly the best birthday I can remember having in a very long time, other than missing family and friends back home, it was perfect. We jet-skied the channel in Boca Raton and snorkeled in Key Largo but otherwise made no plans, relaxed, and lived in the moment.

June was a whirlwind... Since my birthday, it feels like we still haven't stopped moving. Dave and I were able to drive over to Naples for a morning and I got to reminisce and share memories that were made there with my grandparents. The next week my "little" (much taller than me) brother came to visit for a long weekend! It was so nice to spend quality time with him and really get to know who he's becoming as an adult. We kind of drifted out of touch since he's been growing up and doing his own thing as well, so this was a refreshing change.

I finished my first travel contract! I'm truly going to miss the co-workers there that I now call friends. They welcomed me in as one of their own and made the challenges of travel nursing as smooth as possible for me. If it weren't for the heat/humidity there and the organization's decision to not re-extend the travel nursing staff that were there, we would have loved to stay longer.

June 29th we packed up and started our journey north... We stopped and stayed two nights with Dave's Aunt and Uncle in Atlanta, spending time with horses, lounging around the pool and unwinding was just what the doctor ordered before we came back and our schedule was even more relentlessly packed for the last three weeks.

July is equally as crazy... . Dave sold his house and moved to West Allis! Trying to fit in time to see everyone I'd been missing the past four months, merging and organizing two households, doctor appointments, vet appointments, dentist appointments, tattoo appointments, hair appointments, coordinating our next move, and working my per diem job in Oconomowoc has made these last three weeks more stressful than I anticipated. Thankfully, I have Dave by my side through it all, I can't imagine doing this without him and his support. We've truly become a team and grown so much together through this crazy last year, for which I am so thankful. Even with all that going on we had time to fit in Fourth of July celebrations, a Taylor Scheffler win, a Brewers game with my old work crew, farm visits, Jefferson County Fair, a sleepover with my nephew, a visit to the Deer District during game five of the Bucks in the NBA Finals, my first nine holes golfing, some go-kart racing and lots of visits with loved ones over meals.

Before we even left Florida, we had decided to continue traveling for another contract... Making a list of the places we each wanted to live for a 13 week contract, we landed on Colorado and within the next three days, we were officially heading to Colorado Springs for our next adventure! We rented a U-Haul to trailer my Jeep with Dave's truck so we can split the drive between us, which we learned would have been super convenient rather than driving 24 hours in two separate vehicles (like our trip home from Florida).

We're also switching up our living situation and instead of renting AirBnb stays, we are renting a short-term apartment. This is where it gets tricky... We couldn't find one that was furnished, offered less than a four month lease, or had a move-in date that would coordinate with my contract start date. So, our next challenge will be staying with two large dogs in a hotel room for a week while I start my new assignment and we move in to a bare bones apartment ON Dave's birthday.

Next up... furnishing the apartment. We looked in to furniture rental but prices were more than we were willing to spend (which we may fully regret when we're sleeping on a cheap Wal-Mart air mattress searching Facebook Marketplace for furniture). We are also "stuck" in Colorado for an extra month after my assignment ends because of the lack of three month lease options... dang it.

And that brings us to today. 1,111 miles to go, I've got all my boys in tow, and we're off on our next adventure! As grateful as I am to be able to live this lifestyle, it is HECTIC to say the least... but worth it.

Stay tuned 🤗

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