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The One Where We Tour The State

Life Update: Everyone please give a warm welcome back to the Allyssa & Dave Duo! We're back on, folks. For those that aren't familiar with our story... we tend to always find a way back. Twelve years of finding our way back, actually. It's funny how the most confusing times in our lives bring us such clarity when the pieces finally fall back together.

So, we treated ourselves to an adventure. Dave flew from Milwaukee to Ft. Lauderdale and we spent a night at my "home away from home" in Deerfield Beach then headed North to Orlando for two nights and a day at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. We went out for a fancy dinner, I ordered our Uber back to the wrong hotel 30 minutes in the wrong direction, and then off to bed to get to the parks bright and early. We spent 12 hours riding roller coasters and eating all the food. Dave received a crash course on Harry Potter and learned why everyone was "waving around sticks" when we were in the Diagon Alley section.

-everyone calm down, he's agreed to watch ALL the Harry Potter movies with me, marathon-style, to further his education on this important subject-

This stay was Jamo's first experience in an elevator to which he responds "two paws down". He is not a fan. But he did it anyway and was a champion. One, because we couldn't find the staircase for the first day and a half and two, because after his two humans walked 27,000 steps around the theme parks, neither of us had the energy to climb the FIVE stories of stairs to our room with a view.

The next day we ventured even farther North to Ocala to my Dad and Jill's new home! We spent the afternoon enjoying live music on the patio, exploring their new neighborhood, and making dinner then off to bed early to get an early start on our final leg of the adventure...

Dave's family reunion was being held near Destin, FL. So we left Jamo in Ocala with his cousins, Bucky & Scooter, and we were on the road. Six hours later we arrived in Santa Rosa Beach! Having a few days to relax on the beach with delicious meals and enjoying time with Dave and his family was just what the doctor ordered. I got to rest and reset.

Since then, work has been challenging to say the least... My luck with unfortunate scenarios has officially run out. To be fair, it is 100% not the assignment's fault. The hospital has it's challenges, but the staff are great. It's my own bad luck. I'll spare horrifying everyone by elaborating any further here, just know... it's been rough. I'm so thankful that the staff there has made me feel welcome and part of their team. Diving head first in to an entirely different healthcare system, charting system, department flow, medical "slang" terms, staff responsibilities, language barriers, etc. is tough enough. I can't imagine doing it with unapproachable co-workers.

Speaking of the language barriers, French-Creole and Spanish speaking patients primarily, I would say that 50% or more of my patients and I struggle with a language barrier. To make myself feel productive, I've taken on more seriously attempting to learn Spanish. I'm working my way through the Duo app slowly but surely and eventually I think I'll hire a tutor for more healthcare/medical terminology focused studying. Until then, I'd like to give a shoutout to Samsung and my new fancy smartwatch has an app that lets me translate hundreds of different languages in real-time. It's amazing.

Jamo Update! I treated him to a spa day and took him to a self dog wash. For $10 I got to shampoo, condition, rinse, brush out and blow dry him without making a mess that I have to clean up. I don't know why I've never done this before but we will surely be making this a more regular occurrence. Contrary to what Jamo's wishes appear to be...

Lots of new moves in the works, folks... Stay tuned.

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